Zoom Fp001 Treasure Trove Pendant

FP001 Treasure Trove Pendant

$240 NZD

This latest new piece has been inspired by Jon, a very dear cousin who calls me Tinker bell. He inherited his Mum’s jewellery and he wanted to gift it to family members. This was his idea and we loved it. Many clients have this same dilemma and although inherited jewellery is often very sentimental it may not be to their taste. I am definitely having one of these for my sister and I from some of Mum’s jewellery.

  • Perspex cylinder with stg silver or 9ct gold caps
  • 30 x 12mm
  • 8 mm is the largest piece that will fit inside and are not suitable for liquid or being submersed in water.

You are now only limited by your imagination. I think they will be great with horsehair in them, baby locks or gold nuggets? there are endless possibilities.

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