About Plaited Horsehair Products


These are now very popular and very sentimental and we have now been making these for a few years. As we learn more about the wear of them we are constantly changing and improving them. Most often we make these with your horse tail hair but we also get asked to provide hair as sometimes a client may not have saved any at the time.


Here are some frequently asked questions


Question:    Can they be worn ‘all the time’ and ‘how long will the hair last?”

Answer:       The hair will last but like ‘anything’ the gold or silver pieces will wear depending on how often you wear it and what you are doing whilst wearing it.


Question:    Can you use mane hair or does it have to be tail?

Answer:       Mane hair is too fine.  It must be tail. If you only have mane then we can fill a treasure trove pendant with it.


Question:    Can I use more that one horses hair?

Answer:       Yes. You can use up to three in each bracelet.


Question:    Does the hair need to be clean?

Answer:       Yes. It will be washed again but please do not send it with dags in it? It MUST be in one bundle and bound with tape or a rubber band.  Eve needs to work with hair all the same    length so NO birds nests please.  These can take HOURS to unravel and so are too time consuming.


Question:    How do they stay in the caps?

Answer:       When plaited Eve binds the ends and then they are glued into the caps. The hair is amazingly strong BUT, it is what it is, it is horse hair and some hairs will break.  When this happens, just snip them off and carry on.

The grey or white ones do tend to get a bit grubby if worn whilst working with horses but if you ‘shampoo’ them every now and again they will look new again

If you catch the bracelet and the hair comes out of the cap then bind it asap and return it to us. If you still have extra hair then send that too. We can usually replace the hair if it is damaged.


Question:     How long are the bracelets?

Answer:        On average they are 19cms in length but we are all different so if you want it longer or shorter then please state that in the ‘notes’ at checkout.


Question:     How do I order one?

Answer:        Please order your item through the website and post the hair to us at Geoff Taylor, 37 Swayne Rd, 3434.


I have not taken mine off in two years and apart from the odd stray hair it is still fine BUT I am not working outside all day with it.  Sitting chatting or behind a computer is not the same as mucking out, riding and working physically in them.

We recommend that you keep any ‘spare’ hair in case of accidents as we can always replace it if need be.