Chele Clarkin - Jewellery Design Consultant

I have had and continue to have an amazing life. It is busy but it is good. After years of wifely and motherly duties following my polo playing husband around the world and looking after my 3 children I somehow managed to create myself a career in jewellery. 

I have now had over 20 years working with Geoff and I believe, we make a great team. I am "the bossy one" with the ideas and he is the quieter artistic one with all the skills needed to realise them. Through my association with horses The Cambridge Collection was conceived.  This is a large part of our business now but by no means all we do. 

We make amazing jewellery including engagement & wedding rings, chains, earrings, bangles or whatever the client wants. I love helping a client to design something new from something old but also more than happy to help source stones for a new piece. 

I still make my annual trip to Europe and although I love to watch my boys play polo and rugby whilst I am there the big attraction now-days are my grandchildren. My life is full and challenging but I wouldn't have it any other way.

'I'm so busy...I don't know if I've found a rope or lost my horse.'

Chele Clarkin on Barnacle Beasley
Chele out hunting on Barnacle Beasley.