Unique Wedding Jewellery for a Unique Couple

February 05, 2015 3 Comments

The Cambridge Collection has been a proud sponsor of Cambridge equine icon Katie Laurie (nee McVean), since her talents became obvious when she was just a child.

Katie Laurie with Dunstan Kiwi Iron Mark
Katie Laurie with Dunstan Kiwi Iron Mark.

When Katie was just eight years-old, Chele Clarkin, The Cambridge Collection’s designer, promised Katie that when she won her first pony grand-prix, Chele would give her a charm bracelet. Every time Katie won a grand-prix from then on, Chele would put a charm on the bracelet. Before too long Katie couldn’t lift her wrist and Chele had run out of places to put the charms!

The Cambridge Collection then promised Katie gold fox head earrings - one at a time. As Katie wanted ruby eyes in the earrings, the rubies, too, were promised one at a time.  Near the end of the season, with only one grand-prix to go, Katie had the gold foxes and three gold eyes. She had to win the last one or she would have a one-eyed fox!

Katie completed her round and knew she had done it. She jumped off her horse and pumped the air.  Everyone took that to mean that she was thrilled with her win - but then she looked across to Chele and said, “Yes, one more ruby eye please!”

Katie’s latest big news has been her marriage to Jackson and the birth of her gorgeous daughter Grace. Marriage and motherhood have changed the dynamics of what Katie does – but only a little.  The McVean team is 100% there for her. Now she has two more loyal supporters in Jackson and Grace.

Katie and Jackson's Wedding Rings
Katie and Jackson's Wedding Rings.

When Katie and Jackson were engaged, there was no doubt that Geoff Taylor of The Cambridge Collection would make their rings. Katie’s engagement ring was sapphire and diamonds in a rub-over setting - no claws to catch on anything. Her wedding ring was a channel-set diamond band. A rider’s rings can have a pretty tough life so they must be well constructed, while still looking beautiful.

Gold Rope Ring and Sapphire with Diamonds Engagement Ring
Gold Rope Ring and Sapphire with Diamonds Engagement Ring.

Jackson’s a real life cowboy and an inspiration for our new western range of jewellery, so a rope-style ring seemed appropriate for him. Another detail added for Jackson and his groomsmen were sets of personalised cufflinks. What could be more fitting than a lucky horse shoe set for the groomsmen? Jackson’s cufflinks featured his initials beautifully engraved on top.

Silver and Gold Lucky Horse Shoe Cufflinks
Silver and Gold Lucky Horse Shoe Cufflinks.

The Cambridge Collection team will continue to sponsor and follow Katie. Chele will go the extra mile and will be in Las Vegas in April to shout out enthusiastically as Katie represents New Zealand in the World Cup Final. We certainly don't want Katie to be weighed down with all her jewellery...so perhaps it’s time for Chele and Geoff to start on Grace.

Grace wearing her first piece of Cambridge Collection jewellery.



3 Responses

 Gene Inoue
Gene Inoue

June 05, 2017

The canbridge jewellery collection of jewellery is a mixmatch love and faith.

Thanx for sharing this post.

Chrissy Currall
Chrissy Currall

February 11, 2015

This is indeed a love story with jewellery to match ……..perfectly.

Robbie Kay
Robbie Kay

February 06, 2015

Wonderful story Chele. Lovely to read and admire your beautiful horsey jewellery ‘in situ’. Cheers.

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