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Our extensive online NZ jewellery collection of equestrian, fashion, rowing and bee jewellery all have multiple options making it very easy for you to personalise your own style of adornment. If you're unable to find exactly what you desire please don't hesitate to contact Chele Clarkin, The Cambridge Collection Manager & Consultant.


Horse hair jewellery – how to have your horse close to you wherever you go.

January 22, 2015

Horse hair jewellery is a great way for riders to always have just a little piece of their beloved pony or horse with them all the time. Horse hair can be incorporated in a wide range of jewellery items - bracelets, key rings, stock pins, necklaces and brooches. People who have more than one special horse sometimes have the hair of each of the horses plaited together. Using contrasting strands from, say, a grey and a black or bay looks really stylish. Chele Clarkin and Geoff Taylor of The Cambridge Collection are always interested in hearing about horse owners’ own horse hair jewellery ideas. To see some of the exciting jewellery that they have already created with horse hair, go...

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